Thank you for visiting $5.00 Bling by Kira!  Here you will find thousands of pieces of Gorgeous Paparazzi Jewelry!  Paparazzi releases new items 5 days a week and once they are sold out, they will never return.  I love specializing in hard to find, rare pieces everyone wants!  I'm an Independent Consultant with Paparazzi Accessories.  Consultant #244943.  My name is Kira and I'm addicted to Paparazzi Jewelry!  ; )

I'm a 2019 Gold LOP Consultant with my first year in Paparazzi.  Going into my second year I am a 2020 Platinum LOP Consultant! I am so proud to accomplish these goals in not even 2 years with the company.  My first year at convention was a blast and walking the stage was amazing!! 

Everything you see on the site is Brand New, Nickel and Lead free.  It's high quality, trendy and current, gorgeous and affordable at only $5.00!!  The Little Diva Kids Jewelry is $1.00 each sold in sets of 10.  The Exclusive Zi Collection is $25.00 each. 

I have worked very hard to make my store is user friendly and easy to navigate.  You can search for seed beads, blue, green, yellow, red, purple, silver, copper, brass, gold, rose gold, whatever you are looking for and it will list all of them for you.